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Some things in business, as in life, just don't need improving.

There are other times when a new and revolutionary idea is needed to help us break out of our shell. For over 50 years we've been abusing our poultry with rubber fingers, simply to remove the feathers. The SOFR System, is about to change all of that!

As an associate of CDI, Inc. from the infancy of the SOFR System project, Dupont has been an invaluable partner and resource in bringing this revolutionary concept into fruition.

The SOFR System was developed by SOFR System LLC in association with Dupont Filaments in response to the industry's need to improving "first processing." In head to head comparisons the SOFR System's SOFT approach consistently improves wing damage; whole bird upgrades; improves bacterial counts; and provides increased yields at both picking and chillers.


The SOFR System is
"...the first real innovation in first processing
in my lifetime..."
-Billy Hill


The SOFR System has additional time and cost saving advantages:

  • The SOFR System is easier to install, maintain and replace than traditional rubber fingers. The new SOFR System “Wedge” units are installed from the FRONT of the plates, by hand. Because the SOFR System outlasts its rubber finger counterparts, there is much less time-consuming labor involved in the maintenance of the SOFR System, and no dangerous sharp knives or tools are required.
  • The SOFR System is designed for industry compatibility. The SOFR System is designed, tested and proven to work on most manufacturers’ picking machines including LINCO; Meyn; Stork; Cantrell and their derivatives.
  • The SOFR System is supplied with approved proprietary plates. One plate fits most machines. SOFR System stocks and can also provide proprietary stainless-steel hub-adapters when required.

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