Cleaner, more durable and bacterially superior.

We will improve your wing damage percentages!

The SOFR System is more durable than rubber fingers, and can be cleaned much more efficiently and easily. Anyone with experience in the poultry processing industry understands how traditional rubber and synthetic rubber fingers deteriorate with use, while harboring bacteria in the millions of minute cracks and other insults to this naturally porous material. The non-porous nature of Dupont TYNEX filament is virtually impervious to harsh cleaning chemicals and does not deteriorate in the way that rubber fingers do.

The SOFR System Wedge has proven itself capable of outperforming and outlasting rubber fingers, at much cooler rail-water temperatures, without leaving the deteriorated rubber by-products behind.

The SOFR System’s soft touch improves yield.

The Patented SOFR System literally and uniquely wraps and pulls the feathers from the epidermis of the poultry. This defeathering technique, while much more efficient in the defeathering process, eliminates the need to strike the carcass with excessive force.

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What is the SOFR System?

The SOFR System, developed by SOFR System LLC, in association with Dupont Company, was developed in response to the poultry industry’s need to defeather poultry more efficiently and less aggressively, while at the same time eliminating the harmful byproducts left behind by traditional rubber picking fingers.

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